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Kozy Heat (Steel Body and Contemporary Inserts)
This family owned, second generation Minnesota company has a quality control process so rigorous that they test every single unit as it comes off of the assembly line; the industry requirement is 1 in every 100, what an impressive commitment to quality. - Gas Inserts

Kozy Heat Gas Fireplaces

Mendota (Steel Body and Contemporary Inserts)
Some woodburning fireplaces are messy, drafty, inconvenient and costly to operate. Breathe life and warmth into the heart of your home with a high efficiency, restoration-quality Mendota gas fireplace insert. - Gas Inserts

Mendota Gas Fireplaces

Valor (Steel Body, Cast Iron, and Contemporary Inserts)
Are you converting from wood burning? Gas Fireplace Inserts are designed for installation in your existing fireplace cavity, to convert a wood-burning fireplace to either natural gas or propane. The ability to adapt in the insert gas fireplace industry is crucial for success. That is why Miles Industries is proud to be recognized as the number one insert company in North America. - Gas inserts

Valor Gas Fireplaces

Jotul (Cast Iron Inserts)
At Jøtul we are masters of our craft - we have been a leading manufacturer of cast iron hearths since 1853. We are proud of our high quality requirements, our tradition and our innovative design concepts. If you have high standards and demand the best - you are likely to choose a Jøtul. - Gas Inserts

Jotul Gas Fireplaces

Hearthstone (Cast Iron Inserts)
It’s hard to beat gas for sheer convenience. City dwellers without easy access to cordwood, those living in condominiums or a home with little storage space, and busy people who don’t have time to fuss with the maintenance of a woodstove all appreciate the ease of using gas. HearthStone gas-fired inserts, are serious heating units, subject to stringent efficiency standards. At HearthStone, our goal is to provide you with both aesthetics and efficiency! - Gas Inserts

Hearthstone Wood Fireplaces


Did you know?

Cleaner Glass for Gas Fireplaces
Why does the glass get dirty on my gas fireplace, and how often should I be cleaning it?

The answer: it depends, because there are many factors that affect cleanliness of the window on your gas fireplace or stove. (Read More)

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