Gas Logs

Its not about heat, it’s about convenience.

Real Fyre (Traditional and Contemporary)
here are many styles to choose from. Amazing burned through look of a mature fire. Ember Glows beneath the logs enhance the realism of the charred look. The designer series includes incredibly realistic detail. The enhanced features include logs that have been split, detailed bark, and knotholes.


European Home (Contemporary)
Euroepean Home offers contemporary and modern building products to home owners, builders, interior designers, architects and retailers. Our product selection showcases clean, European styling and high quality craftsmanship. Minimalist, modern and contemporary are all words used to describe the product offerings.

European Home

Did you know?

Use Ash to clean Glass!
Looking for something to clean the creosote stains and build-up on your fireplace glass?

Try the ashes in your fireplace. They are free and convenient and they won’t scratch your glass! (Read More)

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