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Outdoor Great Room Co.
The era of mismatched tables, grills and lawn chairs is over. The age of the Outdoor Room has arrived and it has firmly established The Outdoor Greatroom Company as the leader in innovative outdoor thinking.

We offer fully coordinated packages of upscale fireplaces, grills and grill islands, firepits, romantic lanterns and high-end weatherproof furniture, beautifully framed by a graceful selection of pergolas. It makes your outdoor living area look like a million at a fraction of the cost of indoor construction, and they go up in a fraction of the time!

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Outdoor Great Room Co

Did you know?

Cleaner Glass for Gas Fireplaces
Why does the glass get dirty on my gas fireplace, and how often should I be cleaning it?

The answer: it depends, because there are many factors that affect cleanliness of the window on your gas fireplace or stove. (Read More)

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