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Our commitment to you does not stop at the sale. While the products we sell are reliable and built for your enjoyment, they deserve care and attention to perform and look their best. Need advice or a little help? Contact us and we’ll be happy to get you on track. If you prefer to let the professionals handle it, then give us a call and we will dispatch one of our factory trained service technicians to your door, and get the job done right for you.

While we expect our products to be dependable and hassle free, things happen. We are your support system for all of our manufacturer’s warranties. We keep the records or your purchase, file any paperwork needed, and are ready to respond to any situation if and when of the time comes.

When you call and help plan for our arrival.

In order to provide you with the very best service, and because many of you have bought several products from us over the years, please have the following information when you call and get ready for our service:

Before calling, help us with –

  • Brand and Model of the Product, and serial number if you can locate it
  • How old the product is
  • Where it is located in your home
  • What the problem or issue is that you are experiencing
  • How long you have noticed the an issue or concern
  • What has been attempted to solve the issue

When we arrive, help us by–

  • Having the area clear and ready for us to work, it saves time and money
  • Be available for us in person or by phone should we have any questions
  • Please have the appliance cool for our arrival; some units can not be serviced when hot.

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At Energy Products & Design, our goal is to provide you with the best possible service.  Please take a moment to give us feedback and tell us how we are doing.  We take all feedback very seriously, and really appreciate your consideration. 



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