Wood Stoves

For heat, independence, and peace of mind; they will warm your soul.


Pacific Energy (Steel Body and Cast Iron Stoves)
Pacific Energy wood stoves and fireplace inserts are easy to light, easy to use, economical and clean-burning. Lower your heating costs with one of the most efficient and beautiful wood stoves and inserts available today.

Pacific Energy Wood Inserts

Hearthstone (Soap Stone Stoves)
Hearthstone boasts the only complete line of soap stone stoves available in North America with each stove made by hand complete with the signature of the craftsman. These stoves radiate heat long after the fire and gas have gone out, making it much easier to come home after the 'flames went out'.

Hearthstone Wood Fireplaces

Jotul (Cast iron stoves)
Jøtul has the largest selection of stoves and fireplaces. The products are suited to different architectural styles and here we have gathered a handful that can show how a Jøtul product might look like in a modern home. Whilst beauty to a degree determined by the eye of the beholder, involves good design and architecture more than is immediately visible. At Jøtul we are convinced that form should follow function.

Jotul Gas Fireplaces


Did you know?

Many people are now not only using their fireplaces for the aesthetics of a warm glowing fire, but they also want to produce some usable heat for their homes.

Keep in mind that an ordinary fireplace loses much more heat than it produces. If the chimney damper does not seal well, you will lose a lot of conditioned air year-round.

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