Wanna go big? Buy your own built-in island. Want flexibility, then you want a stand alone. Grilling on the go - you need to be portable.


Big Green Egg (Charcoal BBQ and Smoker)
This is the number one, all-time favorite charcoal grill of Energy Products and Design's owner, Brent Buchan.

The Big Green Egg is far and away the most versatile charcoal grill: it smokes, grills, cooks, and bakes (yes it bakes). With its thick ceramic 'shell', it is an ideal choice for year long grilling, standing up to the coldest of Minnesota winters.

Big Green Egg

Peterson Firemagic
(Gas and Charcoal / Built in or Stand alone)
It's that special time of day – that glorious hour at dusk when the golden light of the sky is just beginning to fall – The magic hour when you fire up your Fire Magic Grill, and get ready to create a great meal with family and friends.

A meal created on a Fire Magic grill is contributes to your outdoor living lifestyle.

Peterson Firemagic

American Outdoor Grill
(Gas and Charcoal / Built in or Stand alone)
The magic hour – a family barbeque or a party with friends and neighbors – and the American Outdoor Grill Makes those moments even more special.

Amercian Outdoor Grill

Vermont Castings BBQ
(Gas / Built in or Stand alone)
In the Northeast this season may not be long, but it is savoured for its sunshine and smoky, grilled food. The hiss and crackle of food on the grill is the music that accompanies this easy outside lifestyle and at Vermont Castings, we’ve applied our latest technology and finest craftsmanship to provide you with the best grills around.

Vermont Castings

Outdoor Great Room Co.
(High Efficiency Gas and Electric / Built-in BBQ Islands, Stand alone, or Table Top)
Cook Number Gas Grills are designed to conserve heat and save energy.

Our unique 'Cook Number' technology lets you grill, sear, roast, bake - just the way you like it. Choose a stand alone cart, or commission your own custom island. Either way, let the party begin! Make sure you call Energy Products and Design for Pricing, often beat what is found on the internet!

Outdoor Great Room Co

Dimplex (Electric / Table Top)
Don't let the sleek good looks fool you. High performance lives inside every PowerChef giving you cooking results never thought possible in an electric grill. With total ease-of-use and safety, PowerChef takes grilling places it has never been before - including balconies!



Did you know?

Many people are now not only using their fireplaces for the aesthetics of a warm glowing fire, but they also want to produce some usable heat for their homes.

Keep in mind that an ordinary fireplace loses much more heat than it produces. If the chimney damper does not seal well, you will lose a lot of conditioned air year-round.

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